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Preturi Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 si 280

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Preturile pentru noile placi grafice Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 si 280 vor fi destul de piperate pentru cumparatorii europeni.

Astfel, un Geforce GTX 260 va avea un pret intre 400 si 450 euro, iar fratele sau mai puternic - Geforce GTX 280 - va avea un pret intre 550 si 600 euro.

Pe piata americana, preturile vor fi mai scazute.

Just like any other American company, Nvidia plans to continue ripping the Europeans off and we believe that Europeans actually have gotten used to it. While Geforce GTX 260, the slower of two GT200-based cards will end up selling for about $450 in the U.S. we heard that in European countries that are loyal to Euro should end up paying between 400 and 450 Euros.

Today, 400 Euro converts to $620 while €450 converts to $697.5, which is a huge difference from the suggested U.S. prices.

Geforce GTX 260 will be slower clocked with both memory and the GPU, but it should still end up as the runner-up to the fastest thing around.

Geforce GTX 280 will end up with similar price difference and we expect a price of around $600 in the U.S. and about €550 to €600 in Europe.

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